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As a small business, fuel costs can be a significant expense to your business. Four factors drive the cost for that business: (1) price of the product purchased, (2) traveling distance to obtain the product , (3) labor associated with the traveling and purchasing of products, and (4) employee theft. At Almond Oil Company we provide different solutions to your business in order to help mitigate those costs. Here are the three types of solutions for the small business.

Flexible Fleet

Businesses that need flexibility in purchasing fuels at different retail operations. This fleet has motor vehicles not centrally located and cover multiple geographic areas. Customer needs a product that provides their fleet flexibility to purchase fuels with controls in place with the usage of the fleet card.

Dedicated Fleet

Businesses that source their motor vehicles at one location conveniently located near one of Almond Oil Company's retail operations. Business owner wants to control the fleet's ability to purchase fuels to a particular location knowing the daily price is attractive, but also provide the Business Owner flexibility in their purchases.

Restricted Fleet (Card Lock)

Businesses need strict control over their fuel purchases and also want to limited labor costs then Almond Oil Company's Card Lock facilities. This solution eliminates labor costs since (1) pumps are dedicated and cannot be used by the public, so "No Wait Time" and (2) diesel pumps are utilize high flow meters for quicker dispensing then normal retail operations. Business employees only have access to the pumps through a dedicated card that is limited based upon product type, gallons able to be purchased and PIN code access. Additional features include 24 hours actively operated pumps with 24 hours security system monitoring the pumps.