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Light Oils

Almond Oil Company provide two primary sources of supply, branded and unbranded fuels. Our suppliers include Marathon Petroleum, Colonial Oil Industries, Valero, Flint Hills, Transmontaigne and Buckeye. Depending on your orders, Almond Oil Company can handle any size order, from a 100 gallon home heating delivery to 8600 gallon transport deliveries. Our objective is to execute every fuel order within 24 hours. We offer the following products:

  • Gasohol (10% Ethanol Blend) all octane grades
  • Gasoline (Non-Ethanol) 90 Octane and 89 Octane
  • Flex Fuel E85
  • On Road Diesel (15ppm Ultra Low Sulfur)
  • Off Road Dyed Diesel (15ppm Ultra Low Sulfur)
  • K-1 Kerosene
  • Bio-Diesel

Branded Fuels (Retail)

Designed for retail operations that are looking for a marketing brand presence. The Marathon brand is the fastest growing major oil brand in the Southeast United States. It is Marathon's ability to provide reliable dedicated supply along with extremely competitive daily rack price that has allowed this brand to grow. In 2009, Almond Oil Company was the first marketer to join the Marathon network in North Central Florida.

Unbranded Fuels (Retail)

Designed for locations that need supply flexibility and competitive prices. In a highly competitive sometimes the retailer needs flexibility to remain competitive. With our PURE program, the retailer can provide a brand presence without the brand price or compliance requirements.

Unbranded Fuels (Wholesale)

For the traditional wholesale customer that purchases fuel products for their own consumption or retails through their own retail network. Almond Oil Company accesses products from a variety of suppliers from a variety of terminals in different origination points. By the marketer being supply balanced, the customer benefits from needless run outs and shortages in supply.

Industries Served

The industries served include Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Distribution, Marine, Home Heat, Government, Logging, Recycling, Refuse, Asphalt, Utilities, Gasoline Retail, Generators, Golf Courses, Automotive Repair, Dealerships to name a few.